Addresscloud Fire

An introduction to the fields in Addresscloud Fire.

  • Risk Remoteness

We calculate the drive time to the nearest fire station from the postcode centroid. We then rank every postcode in the country in terms of distance to the nearest fire station. We apply a normal distribution to this so a score of 5 would mean that the drive time is in the top ~2.5%, a score of 4 would be the next ~13.5%. Most properties would be in the 3 band (1 s.d. either side of the mean). A score of 1 would mean the property is very close to a fire station.

  • Fire stations within 5km

The number of fire stations within a 5km radial from the location pin

  • Nearest Fire station

Named nearest fire station to the location pin

  • Distance from Fire Station (km)

Distance using roads to the nearest fire station

  • Drive time from Fire Station (mins)

Approximate average drive time from fire station to the dropped pin

  • Drive Time from Fire Station with Traffic (mins)

Approximate drive time from the fire station to the dropped pin taking in to account heavier than normal conditions

  • Fire Risk Rating (/5) (for commercial use)

The commercial use of the building is ranked based on the likelihood of fire occurring within the building scoring between 0-5

  • Fire Block Rating (/5)

Looking at the block of adjoined buildings and what is contained in those building, what is the risk of a fire occurring.

  • Fire Block ID

Fire Block ID

  • Fire Block Risk Classification

Please refer to the data dictionary for all the building and business types within the named fire block.

  • Fire Block Risk Classifications (for commercial use via the API)

Using the classifications above we have listed the number of businesses falling into these numbered categories. This will give you an informed view of all the potential risks in a fire block.

  • Fire Block Risk ID

Fire block ID

  • Fire Block Risk Organisation

This will highlight the 'riskiest' business in that fire block. This will use the classification codes.

We have two blogs available to view which go into further detail on commercial fire risk.

Note: Fire Stations could be staffed or unstaffed.

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